Experiencing Life Creatively – JBay – December 2011

Experiencing Life Creatively

 Revive Mind, Body and Soul in

Jeffrey’s Bay

10th – 11th December, 2011

As we approach the end of this year, we have a unique opportunity now to de-stress and un-clutter the events of this past year and the years gone by.

What a wonderful way to move into the New Year – refreshed and inspired!

Join me for a weekend in Jeffrey’s Bay to give yourself the rest and motivation to clear the issues and patterns that have governed your past behaviour and thinking.  Here you can honour the passage of time as well as unfold the experiences you have encountered this past year.

Experiencing Life Creatively is a program that was designed to help you find creative ways to live your life in a more meaningful and delightful way.

What others have said about the experience:

“Feeling Great.  So much happier! Handling things better at home”.

“I gained a sense of perspective, renewed purpose to honour my hearts desire.  This workshop was a blessing”.

“Through this workshop I have gained a deeper insight into myself and the life path I have travelled”.

The exercise with the child photo showed me that the child within is still there; eager to explore and quite happy being just as ‘she’ is – confident of other’s approval”.

“This workshop has given me insight, encouragement, love and support as well as new hope and energy”.

“I have accepted the fact that my purpose is not static and I am able to identify my behaviour patterns as a result of the exercises.  I am beginning to recognise negative thought patterns”.

“Thank you for the journey and for re-igniting my enthusiasm for life and all its potential”.

Revive Mind, Body and Soul as you work in alignment with your inner compass.  This weekend will empower you to begin making changes that will enable you to live a more relaxed, happy and authentic life, regardless of your life situation.

Our venue, African Dream, will be our weekend sanctuary space.  Here the sound and smell of the ocean will begin the easing of stress in this beautiful home on the beach of Jeffrey’s Bay.


Our training venue – African Dream
Work on your Inner Wellness – African Dream – Jeffreys Bay 

African Dream – Jeffreys Bay – our workshop venue for the weekend.

30 Pagoda Crescent, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Please contact Tanja Schroeder 082 5699 642 motorhomes@schroeder.co.za should you also wish to book this venue for a holiday retreat or function venue.

For those travelling from outside of Jeffrey’s Bay, accommodation can be suggested.

On the Beach Guesthouse would be my first recommendation.  For more information – www.onthebeachjbay.co.za or call 042 293 3427.

On the Beach Guesthouse, Jeffreys Bay – wrap around views of the ocean


Why not begin your gentle journey back to you. 

  • Gain insight into your incredible Being
  • Begin to understand the rhythms and patterns that often block progress and limit our sense of inner peace
  • Learn to trust your inner guide – your intuition
  • Find the Bliss that empowers us to be the best we can be in all life situations

Joy Truscott is skilled in guiding participants towards higher self awareness and release from the trauma and stress of everyday living.  Joy has a teaching background and lived inColorado,USAfor a few years where she gained her Masters Degree in Social Work, Clinical Counselling and studied integrated health care, Healing Therapy, at Mercy Medical,Durango,Colorado.  Joy worked with Hospice and continues to study and work in the field of Energy Therapy, Energy Alignment and Trauma Release. Joy has presented this course to both American and South African participants, all who have testified to the value of this course in their lives.

As this work is so vital to our well-being please understand that the real value of this course cannot be priced. For those who desire to make an authentic, empowering change in their lives Joy is offering her tuition and guidance for just R550 for the weekend. This includes morning and afternoon teas and scones during the course of the day and a light lunch.  Please bring your own refreshments.   

 This is a workshop that you will not want to miss.  The number of participants will be limited.

Each participant to bring a photograph of themselves at about two to five years of age, (this is a vital part of the program so please ensure you remember this as it begins our journey work). Also a few pens, pencils, hardcover book, clipboard for writing exercises and any other comforts and refreshments that will make you feel relaxed, “at home” and nurtured.

Guideline of Work

The Journey of the Inner Child – connecting with the insight and authenticity of the inner child

  • a glimpse into our inner soul-self
  • sensing the rhythm and patterns  of our life

Clearing the Clutter – seeing through the clutter we accumulate along the life journey

  • insight into our thinking mind and how we can be the master of our thoughts and intention
  • the opportunity to look at the emotional and physical burdens that hold us back.

Re-think, Re-pack – gaining perspective about emotional energy and energetic drains

  • how to remain emotionally in control; to view from enlightened perspective
  • methods to use Left / Right brain functioning to stabilize emotions.
  • how to work with the mind to set positive thought processes in motion.

Setting Sail for your Destination – steering through to alignment of soul’s purpose.  Mapping the life path to find perspective and meaning

  • the formula to find your heart’s desire and work towards it.
  • the ability to see our lives in a more creative way, even in the “menial”.

Honouring the Journey of Pain and Disappointment – the greatest gift we can give ourselves is that of Release, but how do we do it?

  • guidance on how to use energy to release blockages so that the system can flow.

Sorting out the Ego Mind and the Whole Mind Perspective – understanding Mind perspective

Connecting our walk through this life to our authentic guiding light

  • how to harness the thought processes that enable us to make the changes that will sustain us and bring greater harmony in our own lives and into the lives of those with whom we share this life path.

For those travelling from outside of Jeffrey’s Bay, accommodation can be suggested.

On the Beach Guesthouse would be my first recommendation.  For more information – www.onthebeachjbay.co.za or call 042 293 3427.


 Day One  -  Saturday 10th December, 2011

9:00 – 11:00 First Session

11:00 – 11:30 Tea / coffee break

11:30 – 1:00 Second Session

1:00 Lunch –

2:30 – 3:30 Third Session

3:30 – 4:00 Tea / coffee break

4:00 – 6:00 Fourth Session

Day Two  -  Sunday 11th December, 2011


9:00 – 11:00 Fifth Session

11:00 – 11:30 Tea / coffee break

11:30 – 1:00 Sixth Session

1:00 Lunch –

2:30 – 3:30 Seventh Session

3:30 – 4:00 Tea / coffee Farewell

“A course that will change your life!”


Experiencing Life Workshop JBay Dec 2011 (8)

A very happy weekend of powerful inner work.

Thank you to Tanja Schroeder for the venue – African Dream, her home in Jeffrey’s Bay.

Thank you to Heidi at Nina’s Restaurant for providing delicious lunches for the two days of hungry-making wellness work.

Thank you to Irene and her culinary friends for the snacks, scones and happiness.


Thank you for the sharing of wisdom and gentle holding of one another.  I look forward to our “social wisdom gatherings in the new year”.

Blessings to Louisa, Omega, Marie’, Irene, Tanja, Candice, Erica, Zelda, Estelle, Sandra and Daniel and Toby for being helping with the food.


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