evolve and VW Workshop 2010

 Participants excelled in this workshop

This workshop Connected participants to the value and challenges of meeting the aspects of our Diversity.  The objective of this workshop was to highlight the strengths of the Individual within the corporate setting.  We gain a sense of purpose when we are able to witness and empower our own awareness.  Astute participants understand the need to match this with heightened communication skills.  This is a workshop that is an absolute MUST for all organizations wishing to embrace the value of our individual uniqueness.  To harness this attitude is the strength that creates significant shifts in perception and relationships.

When we see our worth, we are able to contribute in a worthwhile manner.

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Bobby Truscott – co-presenter for evolve

VW Diversity Oct 2010


evolve and VW Retreat Workshop


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This all woman retreat was amazing.  The venue was delightful and we explored the process of creating an art piece with the idea of understanding the parallel with the level of creativity that is required from top leaders.

evolve and VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop


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Working with the staff from VW is always a special event.  Thank you for the opportunities.   We weave the connections that hold us together when we bring awareness into our processing skills. Who we are to the world  is … Continue reading

evolve and Ethembeni Workshop





Working with this incredible staff was simply unlifting.

Ethembeni02 Ethembeni03 Ethembeni04 Ethembeni05 Ethembeni06 Ethembeni07 Ethembeni08 Ethembeni09 Ethembeni10 Ethembeni11 Ethembeni12 Ethembeni13 Ethembeni14 Ethembeni15 Ethembeni16 Ethembeni17 Ethembeni18 Ethembeni19 Ethembeni20 Ethembeni21 Ethembeni22 Ethembeni23 Ethembeni24 Ethembeni25 Ethembeni26 Ethembeni27Working with this amazing staff was such a privilege.  Blessed pupils to have such a dedicated staff to care for their educational needs.


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Diversity Two Day Workshop for VW Group – Uitenhage, Eastern Cape – October 2010