Re-Align in just five minutes

In the fast pace of our Lives, we need to find the balance and keep our perspective.

This three minute Guided Connection will help you to stop, breathe and re-focus your intention and attention.  Do this every day to help stay Connected with your Life Purpose.


Soul Awakening SA – Founders

Amy Vermeulen: Co-Founder
Irene Brand: Co-Founder
Joy Truscott: Co-Founder








Hello Dear Friends,

Saturday, October the First 2011, was the inspiration day for the creation for Soul Awakening SA.  It is our desire to bring a Light of Healing to this country and planet.

Amy Vermeulen, Irene Brand and Joy Truscott dreamed up the idea of collectively broadcasting a message of Hope, Love and Light.

We would love for you to be part of this.  This is our answer to networking and sharing in a Loving, Unselfish and Encouraging way.  We all have Unique gifts, knowledge and abilities.  If we commit ourselves to sharing these gifts, we are able to make each of us more whole, more complete.

Whatever your gift might be, please consider sharing this with as many as you can – and from this platform we can begin to reach out to one another in the spirit of Love and Truth.  Hold someone’s hand, guide, mentor, teach, encourage, applaud, and most of all help someone else to know the fullness of their potential – just because you cared.

Our beautiful planet is at a critical point in time.  We can all crumble under the weight of the misery that abounds; the negative talk, the hate and fear, OR we can find small ways to connect, nourish, nurture and re-frame the events of our lives.

For the turn-around to happen, each and every one of us needs to know that we will have to make a contribution.  We all need to become part of the solution in whatever way we can, no gesture is too small or insignificant.  If you feel your contribution might be so small as to not be needed, think again.  Just a smile can lighten up a life.  We all have at least that.  From small gestures of openness and authentic outreach, we can make an enormous difference.  I know that we might not be here to see the outcome, but our children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews will be.

Let this message ignite a desire within you to “show up” in this world.  Please join this Connection and log in to our network: and let us see what can happen when enough like-minded and heart-connected people get together to make a difference.

We can do this.  Join us, and join this world in the best way possible.

In deep gratitude and love x

Amy, Irene and Joy x


Make a Difference – Awaken to Your Soul

I have now reached the delightful age of 52, what a privilege to say our age and be grateful for the passage of time that we have been Blessed to receive. Each year of my life has brought exceptional journeys, learning and beautiful friends. The world is so much more accessible now than before and we can reach out to our Soul Brothers and Sisters with greater ease. Now is the time for us to enjoy this dynamic time of Connecting and make it work for the benefit of all Beings. We are standing on the edge of a great leap towards a future that is Magnificent. Let us begin to speak the future into being with positive, loving and authentic words. I would ask, no beg, each person reading this to make a conscious decision to let go of the negative words, thoughts and news, that is sapping our Life Force. We do not have to hear all the misery that the media loves to heap upon us. You can stop the negative energy attraction by not participating. It will make a difference. x

Soul Awakening - Jeffreys Bay, South Africa