Working Through Fear – Using Breath and Awareness

  1. Guided Connections to bring us back to Inner Peace with Joy Truscott (click picture for link)

    Guided Connections to bring us back to Inner Peace with Joy Truscott (click picture for link)

    Breathe deeply in and out 3 times deeply. Allow your exhale to be slightly longer and softer than your inhale.

  2. Feel into your body and notice any part where you feel tightness, constriction, blockages, numbness, pain or fear.
  3. Bring your loving awareness to this part of your body or place inside of you, and slowly breathe there. Make contact with the pain or fear, and welcome it
  4. On your next breath imagine the arms of the Divine deeply embracing you. Feel the holding, feel the breath of God on your skin and hear the whispering of comfort in your ear
  5. Allow yourself to be soothed; allow any fear or pain to be transmuted by the embrace of the Divine
  6. On your next in breath, begin to notice the softening of any blockages or tightness, and bring the energy of love – the embrace of the divine – to that area. Know that it’s reminding you that you are not alone; you are always held; and you are One with everything.

Just Remember This:

  1. Breathe into fear (or pain)
  2. Breathe out love
  3. Breathe into love
  4. Breathe out fear (or pain)

2012 Here it comes! Experiencing Life Creatively Weekend Workshop in JBay

If you missed the opportunity of being part of this life-changing workshop; now is your chance.  Our venue is the luxurious and spectacular On the Beach Guesthouse in Jeffrey’s Bay.  Just look at the pictures and see yourself here – recovering, reviving mind, body and spirit, refreshing and releasing patterns and behaviours that no longer serve your Highest Best.

Why wait to live your best life.  Each day we need to be experiencing the De-Light of being alive and fulfilling our life purpose.

Experiencing Life Creatively
Revive Mind, Body and Soul in Jeffrey’s Bay – South Africa

On the Beach Guesthouse is blessed with the most exhilarating views imaginable – a seemingly limitless vista of ocean and sky, 180 degrees of blue on blue brilliance. Enjoy your most memorable moments in an exceptional, lavish and stylish setting. Feel the sand beneath your feet while breathing in crisp salt air that carries the unmistakable freshness and magnificence of the ocean while exploring kilometres of beaches and see your lone footprints fade into the distance behind you.
Revive Mind, Body and Soul as you work in alignment with your inner compass. This weekend will empower you to begin making changes that will enable you to live a more relaxed, happy and authentic life, regardless of your life situation.
In the sanctuary space of On the Beach Guesthouse in Jeffrey’s Bay we will begin our gentle journey back to you. As we gain insight into our incredible Being, we begin to understand the rhythms and patterns that often block our progress and limit our sense of inner peace.
Joy Truscott is skilled in guiding participants towards higher self awareness and release from the trauma and stress of everyday living.

Find creative ways to live your life in a more meaningful and delightful way.

25 – 26 February 2012
R1824.00 per person sharing
R2544.00 single
(Rates include 2 nights’ accommodation in a superior ocean room with breakfast and full course tuition)

Guideline of Work

  • The Journey of the Inner Child – connecting with the insight and authenticity of the inner child
  • Clearing the Clutter – seeing through the clutter we accumulate along the life journey
  • Re-think, Re-pack – gaining perspective about emotional energy and energetic drains
  • Setting Sail for your Destination – steering through to alignment of soul’s purpose. Mapping the life path to find perspective and meaning
  • Honouring the Journey of Pain and Disappointment – the greatest gift we can give ourselves is that of Release, but how do we do it?
  • Sorting out the Ego Mind and the Whole Mind Perspective – understanding Mind perspective 

The workshop exercises will be interspersed with soul restorative walks on the beach, rest and guided meditation, peace and tranquility, laughter and fun.

“A course that will change your life!”

The Magnificent Views from On the Beach Guesthouse, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

On the Beach Guesthouse
32 Waterkant Street – Jeffrey’s Bay – Eastern Cape – South Africa
Mobile +27 825279414 Telephone +27 42 293 3427 Fax2Email 0866 905 117


Breathing Lesson Seven

Lesson Seven

The Physical Perfection Breath




Sit or stand straight, making sure that the spine is help in good posture.


Inhale a Complete Breath.  Allow your body to become rigid with the buttocks tight and feet firmly on the ground.  Arms strongly at the sides, hand tensed and strong.


Inhale as you extend your arms straight out in front of you with the hands level with the shoulders, palms of the hands touching.  Keep the arms tight but not rigid.  Allow your feet to feel like they are anchoring you to the floor.  Keep the shoulders back and down, neck held with no tension. 


Hold the breath as you swing the arms outward to the sides, (making a cross with your body and arms).   Feel like you are opening outward with the arms and opening your chest, arms becoming more rigid  as you swing back and forward.  Still holding your breath do this three times and quickly bring your arms to your sides, exhale vigorously, inhale and relax into reverent position, head down and hold yourself in Loving Light.


Rest and start again for another few cycles.

Breathing Lesson Six

Lesson Six

The Inspirational Breath



Sit or stand straight, making sure that the spine is help in good posture.


Inhale a Complete Breath.  Allow your body to become rigid with the buttocks tight and feet firmly on the ground. 


As you inhale raise both straight arms simultaneously, palms downwards, slowly moving the arms outward from the sides until the back of the hands touch above the head.  Lock the thumbs together if you can and make sure that you are still standing firmly on the ground.


Retain the breath for a couple of seconds.


Now lower the hands to 45 degrees, exhaling a little air vigorously through the whistling lip gesture.  You should look like you are making a V sign with your arms upwards. 


Lower the arms a little more until they are level with the shoulders while you vigorously exhale some more.


Then lower again a little and let more breath escape, keeping the body and chest firm al the while.


As your arms reach your sides now, breathe out the last of the air by pressing the abdomen inward.


Begin by doing the cycle three times and slowly build up until you are able to do seven cycles.


In the final position, stand reverently and relaxed, head bowed forward but body maintaining good posture. 


Work with affirmations and awareness to make the life force your healing.

Breathing Lesson Two


Lesson Two



All of life is rhythm and flow, we see this in nature and in our bodies.  Ebb and flow of the seas, wax and wane of the moon, day to night and day again, seasons, life and death to life again. 


This is flow creates harmony.  We can choose to work against the flow of life and increase our struggles, or we can accept the flow and move with it.  Working with our breath is a reminder of this flow, this rhythm. 


For some strange reason we mixed up the idea of how to breathe.  Watch a young child breathe.  The belly rises with each inhalation and sinks with each out breath.  Pay attention to your breath now.  How is it working in your body?  Are you just sipping tiny gasps of air, because you have to, or are you breathing with awareness and drawing the air and life force into you? 


Focus on breathing in through the nostrils, slowly expanding the body to receive.  Then breathe out through t, slowly releasing and allowing the body to relax. 


We accept and take in the new.  We release with gratitude that which is done and past – making way for the new breath, the new beginning.  In each moment of breathing we are Being in the Moment.  Being Present with What Is.


The more even and rhythmic the breathing, the more Vital Energy we bring into our bodies.