Make a Difference – Awaken to Your Soul

I have now reached the delightful age of 52, what a privilege to say our age and be grateful for the passage of time that we have been Blessed to receive. Each year of my life has brought exceptional journeys, learning and beautiful friends. The world is so much more accessible now than before and we can reach out to our Soul Brothers and Sisters with greater ease. Now is the time for us to enjoy this dynamic time of Connecting and make it work for the benefit of all Beings. We are standing on the edge of a great leap towards a future that is Magnificent. Let us begin to speak the future into being with positive, loving and authentic words. I would ask, no beg, each person reading this to make a conscious decision to let go of the negative words, thoughts and news, that is sapping our Life Force. We do not have to hear all the misery that the media loves to heap upon us. You can stop the negative energy attraction by not participating. It will make a difference. x

Soul Awakening - Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

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