One Day in JBay Workshop – August 2014

It was a wonderful day with much splashing and banging to achieve glorious luminous first washes.

Irene Brand adding more lovely details to her beautiful beginning piece

Irene Brand adding more lovely details to her beautiful beginning piece

Our idea was to paint beautiful houses and huts in glowing colour and build the painting from this base.

Sadly we only had one day and we were not able to complete the paintings but the beginning was just thrilling.  I hope to reconnect with these wonderful artist and bring this painting to its completion.

Two beginning paintings with luminous washes

Two beginning paintings with luminous washes

Thank you Fay Keevy for getting the Methodist Church Hall in JBay so that we could have this open and well-lit area for our creating.

Thank you to Christine Chapman for linking in all the St Francis Bay Artists and a Big thank you to all of you for bringing such a delicious spread of numsies for our lunch and tea.


Fay Keevy and Jenny Dawson

Fay Keevy and Jenny Dawson

Thank you to Irene Brand for fetching, carrying and helping me to set up and give me a place to sleep in between the art explorations.  I am SO Blessed with Delightful Friends.



Step by Step Reflections Flow Technique


Step-by-Step Loose Trees - final - Joy TruscottThis is the painting that inspired two fun workshops and a dem for the Plett Art Society.  See how it began….

It starts out looking reckless and dangerous.

Just pour on the first colour. Then add the second and third colour.

Step by Step Loose Trees 2 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 3 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 4 - Joy Truscott

When this was dry I had to sit with the painting for a long time to see what it wanted to be.

Step by Step Loose Trees 5 - Joy Truscott

The first washes or pours were in opaque colours so it was easy to lift out the shapes that were to be trees.

Step by Step Loose Trees 6 - Joy Truscott

Lots of techniques and play and slowly, step-by-step the painting becomes what it always wanted to be.

Step by Step Loose Trees 8 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 10 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 12 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 13 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 16 - Joy Truscott

More colour in the foreground was needed so the yellows and reds were brought back to play.

Step by Step Loose Trees 18 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 20 - Joy Truscott

Creating the foreground – still lots of colour – mainly the primary colours and allowing them to find one another on the paper.

Step by Step Loose Trees 21 - Joy Truscott

Lots more fun techniques, lifting, sliding, washing, stippling, stencilling … too much fun.

Step by Step Loose Trees 22- Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 23- Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 24- Joy Truscott


I think this is enough … but you never know!


evolve and VW Retreat Workshop


This gallery contains 164 photos.

This all woman retreat was amazing.  The venue was delightful and we explored the process of creating an art piece with the idea of understanding the parallel with the level of creativity that is required from top leaders.

Water Colour Art Dem in Plettenberg Bay, November 17th, 2011


Thank you to the participants of the workshop dem at Joy Robin’s home in Plettenberg Bay.  It was a lovely morning sharing some creative happiness with fellow artists in the garden of this beautiful home, surrounded by flowers and birds.

Thank you Joy Robin for hosting this and for the wonderful tea.  Also thank you to Loren for taking the pictures, sorry the one of you did not come out.

May we all paint with a little more reckless abandon and delight in the serendipity of “what happens by accident”.  Dance, sing and paint, and maybe even buy some tap shoes x

A water colour demonstration will be held in Plettenberg Bay, November 17, 2011, hosted by the Plettenberg Art Group.  Joy will be demonstrating how to paint flowers and buildings. Take a look at some of the art work created in this line.

Sketching "Pate Fois and Gras" our names for the geese in the gardens of Delheim


When we record a home, it is more than just representing the walls and lines, dimensions and colour.  It is more about speaking about the feelings that we sense in that image – capturing the passion of life that surrounds the place.

Please contact Cynthia Ecker  at  for more information.

The Joy of Art at McGregor

Experience the Joy of Art in the Heavenly

Gardens of Temenos, McGregor this spring


3 nights

2 days

1 amazing experience

Come and enjoy a weekend with Joy Truscott as
we delight in the serendipity of watercolours in the sanctuary gardens of
Temenos this spring

Experience The Joy of Art

October 28th to 30th, 2011

Within – Inspired by a photograph by Ken van Wyk



Photograph by Ken van Wyk


Bring your water colour art supplies for a wild and wonderful weekend of creative bliss.

The package is priced at R2 571.83 per person and this will give you access to inspired tuition and guidance in the sanctuary gardens and meditation spaces of Temenos. It includes a welcome dinner meal, breakfast buffet each morning, teas and scones during the course of the day and the option of a “workshop dinner menu” at the very affordable rate of R80 per person.  Accommodation includes Friday and Saturday with Sunday evening included free of charge, courtesy of Temenos.  Shared or single accommodation is available.

Pictures from the weekend

Outside Caritas – Temenos Library and our art studio for the weekend

Lynda Allen and Rose Kent

Graeme Comrie

Marianne Saddingtom

Rose Kent


Sheer Brilliance by Graeme Comrie

Suggested Materials List




1 x 1 inch flat brush                   1 x 2 inch or 3 inch pastry brush

1 x  size 10  round brush           Container
for water

1 x  size 6 round brush              Spray bottle

1 x size 3 round brush               Paper
towel or tissues

1 x 1 inch rigger/liner brush      1
natural sponge

Pencils – 2B, 4B, 6B                   1
eraser (kneaded rubber eraser)      

One large sketch book. 
Daler-Rowney make an A3 220g/m2 acid free pad in heavy cartridge paper
297 x 420 mm, that is marvelous). 
Another good pad is made by Croxley and has a spiral binding and a
sketched girl’s face on a yellow background.

Watercolour palette, bigger is better.  (The lid of a plastic paint drum works well).   If you cannot find what you need, just bring  a couple of plastic plates for now.

Board for stretching paper.  I have some boards that I have found to be marvelous and they are not heavy and I have some for you to purchase if you care to try this method.  (Approx. R40.00).


Watercolour paper.  There are so many varieties and prices.  Try to purchase
the heaviest paper that you can afford, nothing less than a 300 gram, and no
tinted papers.   I no longer like the Bockingford make as we have had some real disappointments with this paper. You may also find a pad with sample papers. 
This is a good way to experiment and find out what you like best.  Pads that are 15 x 20 inches or 14 x 10 or 16 x 12 are good sizes to begin, but try not to get smaller than that
initially.  Some makers of paper also make blocks, where the paper is glued down and supposedly already stretched.  I don’t like to use these and always take the paper off anyway.  If these are cheaper, go ahead and buy them, in this way and you can experiment to see what works for you.  I have had more consistent success with, Montval and Daler Rowney Aquafine paper which is in the cheaper range.


I prefer tubes of paint. Winsor and Newton are good buys.   It is a good idea to purchase the best quality paints you can afford.  The colours can be a disappointment for you if you go with the cheap boxed colours as they are not true and cause
more frustration than anything.  It is better to just buy a few colours at a time and gradually build up your supply.  The following colours are the basics, get the ones with the * first if you intend building up your collection gradually.  After this you might like to experiment with other colours.  Some paints are marked as “hue” these are usually fine for the beginning.


*      Alizarin Crimson Rose Madder
               Cadmium Yellow *   Lemon Yellow
*      Yellow Ochre Burnt Umber
*      Ultramarine Blue *   Prussian Blue
*      Cobalt Blue *   Cerulean Blue
        Aureolin Yellow *   Sap Green
       Indian Red Raw Sienna
     Chrome  Orange /
Cadmium   Orange
Cadmium Red

Joy 079 180 7639 or to reserve your space.

I look forward to painting with you.