Step by Step Reflections Flow Technique


Step-by-Step Loose Trees - final - Joy TruscottThis is the painting that inspired two fun workshops and a dem for the Plett Art Society.  See how it began….

It starts out looking reckless and dangerous.

Just pour on the first colour. Then add the second and third colour.

Step by Step Loose Trees 2 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 3 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 4 - Joy Truscott

When this was dry I had to sit with the painting for a long time to see what it wanted to be.

Step by Step Loose Trees 5 - Joy Truscott

The first washes or pours were in opaque colours so it was easy to lift out the shapes that were to be trees.

Step by Step Loose Trees 6 - Joy Truscott

Lots of techniques and play and slowly, step-by-step the painting becomes what it always wanted to be.

Step by Step Loose Trees 8 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 10 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 12 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 13 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 16 - Joy Truscott

More colour in the foreground was needed so the yellows and reds were brought back to play.

Step by Step Loose Trees 18 - Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 20 - Joy Truscott

Creating the foreground – still lots of colour – mainly the primary colours and allowing them to find one another on the paper.

Step by Step Loose Trees 21 - Joy Truscott

Lots more fun techniques, lifting, sliding, washing, stippling, stencilling … too much fun.

Step by Step Loose Trees 22- Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 23- Joy Truscott Step by Step Loose Trees 24- Joy Truscott


I think this is enough … but you never know!


Breathing Exercises – Lesson One

Lesson One

Imagine having lessons on Breathing.  Seems so silly!  So let’s see how much you know on this subject:

We need to breathe to live. (oh how horribly obvious is that! Surely we all know this).

The best breathers live the longest and get the most out of life.

Breath is Life

The infant breath intake in this orb of earth is the first of all the breaths that will mark the journey of the person towards their last breath in this pod.

Breathing is our MOST important function and yet so few of us stop and give this function the slightest attention.  All survival of our outer and inner being relies on the quality of the breath with which we nourish our bodies.  Our physical and mental health; our happiness and self-control, our view point and perspective of life and our morale, all depend on the breath.  Our blood needs this air to purify and cleanse our system.  With proper breathing our physical appearance changes, lines leave our face and the body seems to be more balanced and well.

“God made man and breathed into him an immortal soul” . ..”breathed into his nostrils the Breath of Life”.

The air we breathe has this Vital Force, Absolute Energy, the Essence of Life, it is all around us, connecting one life force to another, a Divine Thread that holds us in Life. This Life Force is the energy that the Soul uses.  This Vital Force is not oxygen or air, it is contained within the air.  Should we breathe in air that has none of this Life Force, we would die.

As we breathe with Conscious Awareness, we can take in this Vital Life Force and use it as Energy.  We can even store this Energy and in so doing create a power storage system within us.

Air, Life Force, Vital Energy is FREE.

Just as the body uses the oxygen in the air for the blood and circulatory system, so the Vital Energy Force that is within the air,  is carried to the nervous system, adding strength and vitality to the person – their every thought, deed and action, every muscle, nerve and fibre in the body relies upon this Force.

We are how we breathe.

As we breathe
so do we think
as we think
so we create
as we create in Awareness
we bring Light and Love

Let your breath be your Life
Let your Life be a Blessing to all Beings

Blessings x Joy