evolve and VW Workshop 2010

 Participants excelled in this workshop

This workshop Connected participants to the value and challenges of meeting the aspects of our Diversity.  The objective of this workshop was to highlight the strengths of the Individual within the corporate setting.  We gain a sense of purpose when we are able to witness and empower our own awareness.  Astute participants understand the need to match this with heightened communication skills.  This is a workshop that is an absolute MUST for all organizations wishing to embrace the value of our individual uniqueness.  To harness this attitude is the strength that creates significant shifts in perception and relationships.

When we see our worth, we are able to contribute in a worthwhile manner.

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Bobby Truscott – co-presenter for evolve

VW Diversity Oct 2010


evolve and VW Diversity Workshop

May 2009

Diversity Workshop with a magnificent group of participants.  Lots of experiential work and fun.

Diversity Workshop in Uitenhage


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evolve and VW Retreat Workshop

This all woman retreat was amazing.  The venue was delightful and we explored the process of creating an art piece with the idea of understanding the parallel with the level of creativity that is required from top leaders.

VW Uitenhage Women Leaders with Joy Truscott from evolve

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evolve and VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop

Working with the staff from VW is always a special event.  Thank you for the opportunities.


We weave the connections that hold us together when we bring awareness into our processing skills.

Adele & Kirtanya Moodley

Who we are to the world  is the disguise we wear on the outside – who we are in the inside is the Gift we give to the world.Adelle Bester David Man Lee Derek Brown Etienne Gerber Glen Elferink & Imile Peters Johan Minnie John Atkinson Kirtanya Moodley Lisa Dettmann Mike Hanley P1040872 P1040873 P1040874 P1040875 P1040877 P1040880 P1040889 P1040891 Phillip De Beer Sabine Sigle Steve Jones vw Diversity Sep 10th & 11th 2008 w VW Diversity Workshop Zelda Strydom

Starting again

Sometimes life seems to hit from an angle we do not expect and it might seem like the end of the world.  Stepping back for a moment will help to calm the emotional mind sufficiently to see the bigger picture.  It sounds so easy!  But it is not!  The emotional “hi-jack” we experience in trauma or anxiety is sometimes overwhelming.  You are not alone in this.

Our clever brains began developing because of the fear response.  The surges of stress hormones activated higher thinking so that we could learn to defend ourselves, fight back run away, or even, play dead.  Now we have the luxury of a brain that is far more developed than our ancient ancestors but the fear response and the body’s automatic response to any stress signal is still so primitive.   The fear that spurred our brains to develop is now our worst enemy.  We have become so very clever at defending ourselves, building and creating weapons of destruction and more subtle reactions like withdrawing from relationships and our lives in deep, dark holes of depression.

What to do?

The first step is to recognise that you are not alone.

Be kind to yourself and then you will be able to be kind to others.

Learn about yourself – self awareness is key.

Expand your emotional intelligent responses.

Practice Gratitude in everything.

Give and Receive with equal balance.

Know that you are Loved by Divineness.

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