Painting of Douglas Magnus and Joy

My Friend, Douglas Magnus and I were sharing a moment on my mother’s bench facing the glorious beach of Jeffrey’s Bay.  We were chatting about the Journey of Life and Honouring my Mom’s passing.  It was a moment to be remembered and we took this photo of us smiling up into the camera held arm’s length away, hoping to capture the sense of Friendship and Quietness that settles when one stops the rush of life and reflects of the Magnificence of our Life Journey.

Douglas has been such an inspiration to so many people.  He has a “terminal” diagnosis, but he is too busy being alive and sharing this with others to just let go and GO.


He sees the sunsets, the dawn the clouds and Light.  He surfs in his favorite place in Jeffrey’s Bay, like he has done for decades.  He has said farewell to friends who thought he would be leaving first.  He blesses the lives of all those he encounters with his poems and writing.

Douglas is one of the MAGNIFICENT and God Loves him.

I am proud to call you my Friend dear Douglas and I hold you in my Heart always x

This painting was created from the Heart.
This painting was created from the Heart.

Let the Sun Shine In – by Douglas Magnus

Memorable Quotes and Sayings

let the sun shine in


Douglas you  bring smiles to the Heart


Step by Step a painting is created – Moment by Moment we are Created

Step Two Douglas  1 Step Two Douglas  2 Step Two Douglas  3 Step Two Douglas 4 Step Two Douglas 5 Step Two Douglas 6 Step Two Douglas 7 Step Two Douglas 8 Step Two Douglas 9 Step Two Douglas 10 Step Two Douglas 11 Step Two Douglas 12 Step Two Douglas 13

3 Replies to “Painting of Douglas Magnus and Joy”

  1. An absolutely stunning water color. Truelly capturing the moment.

  2. Heather Funston says:

    My Dear Joy,
    I bless Christine every day for introducing me to you. You have given me the ability to see a side of life I would never have seen if our paths never crossed. I just pray we will always be connected no matter where life takes us. You are a very special person Joy. Love you lots.
    Love Heather

  3. Olive Holmes says:

    Dearest Joy,
    Risa and I are simply astounded by your virtuoso talent as a painter of light, love, joy and spirit! Risa wants to go to South Africa to take watercolor lessons from you–and so do I! Love and hugs to you, my dear–you are a blessing to all of us who are fortunate enough to know you.

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