Painting Out and About – Fijnbos, Eastern Cape – 2011

A few artists enjoying the surrounding of Fijnbos once again.

The Joy of Art Sings in my Soul

Watercolour Workshop Port Elizabeth 6 June, 2012

Lovely Landscapes

East Cape Watercolour Association will be hosting a workshop in Port Elizabeth ARTEC – EPSAC on the 6th June 2012.

Visit their site at

This is going to be a full day of wonderful watercolour adventures designed to allow for the unique flow of creativity from novices to the more experienced artists.

The cost per person is R130 and participants to please bring their own lunch and snacks to keep their energy levels up.  Chocolate is always a good idea.  Hmmmm! and drinking water.

The workshop will begin at 9:30’ish and will be a mix of demonstration time – learning some fun techniques – and work time.  Please bring your art supplies and view the recommendations for colours to please bring along as this will help us with the first exercise.

What are we doing together?

Lovely Landscapes

If you have a scene that is calling you to paint, please bring a picture and we will work on it in the later part of the day.

Here are some photos from our farm beyond Rustenberg which our family owned some years back.  This beautiful place is my Nature Home.

The Joy of Art Sings in my Soul

What to bring?

  • Watercolour art materials – Look at the suggested basic materials here
  • Several sheets of watercolour paper from A4 to A3 size
  • An old towel
  • Sprayer for water
  • Paper Towel
  • An apron or old shirt – we are going to be messy
  • Plastic wrap
Exploring some colour combinations

If you would like to play with these colours and learn an effect that can be created with them then please bring the basics which are:

Aureolin yellow

Raw Sienna or Gamboge

Purple Lake

Ultramarine Violet

Sap Green 

This is the effect one can achieve with these colours

Single Rose – still to be completed

Emotional Intelligence Workshop for Teenagers

Emotional Intelligence Workshop for Teenagers

                                                              Jeffrey’s Bay

16 June 2012

When Thomas Edison – inventor of the Light Bulb – was a boy, his teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything.

Thomas Edison – best known for inventing the incandescent lightbulb in 1879.

The most significant form of Intelligence we can attain is Emotional Intelligence as this equips us to perform and succeed in all walks of life.

Our young people are losing out on this incredible learning as more and more time is given to “book learning” as schools and our society tend to attribute a person’s worthiness to their level of scholarly achievement.

Yet, time and time again, we hear of entrepreneurs and inventors who have achieved great wealth and success regardless of the formal learning.

Beethoven’s music teacher once said of him, “…as a composer, he is hopeless”.

Beethoven - famous composer


Teenager deserve to be fully equipped to manage life in all situations and this is possible when Emotional Intelligence is understood and practiced.

 This one day workshop will teach the valuable concepts and skills to open this awareness.

*Self Discipline    *Stress Management   *Communication    *Life Skills   *Leadership   *Self-Awareness & Self-Control  

Saturday 16 June, 2012  *  9:00 am to 4:00 pm

 R200 per person

Participants to bring their own lunch, refreshments and snacks.  Also a big cushion to sit on and clipboard or notebook and pen.

Please call   Joy 079 180 7639   for more information and booking.

This is such a valuable workshop and I am hoping that parents and teenagers will learn how these techniques can bring about positive changes that will inspire all relationships in the home, school and later in the business setting.

Many Excellent organizations, like VW, offer their employees this training.  It makes such a huge difference that it is seen as one of the essential courses business globally like to offer.

When we are able to move in the world from a core authenticity and responsibility, we are able to succeed in all endeavors.

I have researched this topic in depth as part of my studies with the University of Denver and presented workshops in Colorado, USA and South Africa to parents, educators and young people.

My motivation is to equip people to be the best that they can be, as this is the gift that impacts us all on a day to day basis.  

What will we be learning?

Self – Awareness

Self – Discipline

The Golden Moment – how to recognize it and use it to improve the outcome in all situations

How to control your own impulses

Regulate emotions

How to use the information in many settings

How to help others to be the best they can be, simply by being aware and better control oneself

How will you know you have begun the practice of emotional intelligence ?

  • You will be more tolerant.
  • You will take a Golden Moment.
  • You will stop blaming others.
  • You will appreciate people’s differences.
  • You will be a resource and a role model for others.
  • You will smile more to yourself and others.
  • You will start celebrating how far you have come.

Life is too precious to waste it.




Lynda’s Cane Chair Step-by-Step

I was inspired to paint this lovely chair of my sister – Lynda.  The light of the afternoon falling across the criss-cross patterns and illuminating the one side of the chair.

This is how it unfolded.

Watching a painting grow and “become” is one of the most rewarding activities I have enjoyed x

Lynda's Cane Chair
Setting up
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10
Step 11
Lynda's Cane Chair


THERAPY WORK – Counselling and Energy Alignment

Energy Alignment Therapy

Energy Therapy balances the person’s life system; the practitioner assists the client to self-heal.

 Energy Therapy complements traditional approaches to health and healing.  It is not a substitute for them.  Referrals to physicians and other licensed health workers are an expected part of the practice.

 Energy Alignment Therapy work is an integrated approach and an art, learned through an apprenticeship with experienced Doctors, Nurses and Healers.

 Energy Therapy respects all Belief Practices

 This is an Experience you will never forget!

A combination of Energy Alignment Therapy and Counselling provides the perfect combination for transformation and deep Inner Healing, restoring balance to the whole system.  A person’s health and quality of life is affected by the health and quality of their Energy System, Mind, Body and Spirit.

Healing Hands pic3

Therapeutic Work with gently Counselling – Relief of pain – Mind, Body, Spirit

Work with me

Life Journey and Purpose Work * Support in the dying and grieving process Relationship Issues * Depression * Anxiety * Parenting *Emotional Trauma & Stress


w Therapy Room 32 Dassen Island1 - Copy4


Master Social Work and Clinical Therapy, Certified Energy Alignment Practitioner, Integrated Health -Colorado,USA

Energy Alignment Therapy combined with Therapeutic Counselling provides the perfect combination for transformation and deep Inner Healing.

  • The goal in Energy Therapy is to restore wholeness through harmony and balance.
  • Energy Therapy is non-intrusive, economical and effective.

The aim is to teach skills so that each person can hold their life journey in a way that brings them insight, awareness, and a sense of fulfilment.

Each of us is responsible and in control of our own journey towards Deep Inner Healing and Alignment with All That Is.

How does it work?

Information is processed and stored in different areas of the brain and cellular memory and for this reason, sometimes talk therapy alone does not enable us to access trauma or painful memories.  This therapy helps to connect and bring about congruency in all our systems in a gentle way that diminishes the chances of re-traumatising the mind and emotional body.  When this happens, healing follows.


All Beings feel and sense this beautiful work.  Energy is the source through which we Connect through Love and the Desire to Hold the other is Kindness and Light.

12 Serendipity Therapy Room (35)

 Integrated Health

 Energy Alignment Therapy combined with Therapeutic Counselling provides the perfect combination for transformation and deep Inner Healing.

  • The goal in Energy Therapy is to restore wholeness through harmony and balance.
  • Energy Therapy is non-intrusive, economical and effective.

The aim is to teach skills so that each person can hold their life journey in a way that brings them insight, awareness, and a sense of fulfilment.

Workshops are offered from time to time to teach these basic skills:

Workshop Learning

How to Read Energy

Energy Assessment Tools and Techniques:  How to Read a Pendulum

Energy Treatment Techniques

Guided Meditation

Visualization and Affirmations

Breathing for Wellness

Balancing Energy

Bringing all Fields of Energy into Alignment

Self Care

Types of Revive Getaways Offered:

*  Manifesting Your Goals   *  Healing the Body, Mind and Soul  

*  Awakening your Creativity

   *  Rediscovering your lost self   *  Watercolourists  Weekend

* Meditation, Relaxation and Stress release    * Stress Management * Developing your Emotional Intelligence   * Trauma Release and Self Care

12 Serendipity Therapy Room

 Work with me 

Listen to a Guided Meditation and restore your Being

evolve and VW Workshop 2010

 Participants excelled in this workshop

This workshop Connected participants to the value and challenges of meeting the aspects of our Diversity.  The objective of this workshop was to highlight the strengths of the Individual within the corporate setting.  We gain a sense of purpose when we are able to witness and empower our own awareness.  Astute participants understand the need to match this with heightened communication skills.  This is a workshop that is an absolute MUST for all organizations wishing to embrace the value of our individual uniqueness.  To harness this attitude is the strength that creates significant shifts in perception and relationships.

When we see our worth, we are able to contribute in a worthwhile manner.

VW Diversity Oct 2010 (2) VW Diversity Oct 2010 (3) VW Diversity Oct 2010 (4) VW Diversity Oct 2010 (5) VW Diversity Oct 2010 (6) VW Diversity Oct 2010 (7) VW Diversity Oct 2010 (8) VW Diversity Oct 2010 (9) VW Diversity Oct 2010 (10)

Bobby Truscott – co-presenter for evolve

VW Diversity Oct 2010


evolve – VW Workshop 2009

Diversity Workshop with VW – these are always incredible and fun.

Well done to the participants for celebrating the concept of Diversity and embracing the skills that help us to respond appropriately in all relationships and corporate situations.

VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop01 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop02 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop03 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop04 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop05 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop06 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop07 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop08 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop09 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop10 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop11 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop12 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop13 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop14 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop15 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop16 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop17 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop18 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop19 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop20 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop21 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop22 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop23 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop24 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop25 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop26 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop27 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop28 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop29 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop30 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop31 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop32 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop33 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop34 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop35 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop36 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop37 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop38 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop39 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop40 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop41 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop42 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop43 VW Uitenhage Diversity Workshop44


evolve and VW Diversity Workshop

May 2009

Diversity Workshop with a magnificent group of participants.  Lots of experiential work and fun.

Diversity Workshop in Uitenhage


VW Workshop 200901 VW Workshop 200902 VW Workshop 200903 VW Workshop 200904 VW Workshop 200905 VW Workshop 200906 VW Workshop 200907 VW Workshop 200908 VW Workshop 200909 VW Workshop 200910 VW Workshop 200911 VW Workshop 200912 VW Workshop 200913 VW Workshop 200914 VW Workshop 200915 VW Workshop 200916 VW Workshop 200917 VW Workshop 200918 Connecting is our StrengthVW Workshop 200919

evolve and VW Retreat Workshop

This all woman retreat was amazing.  The venue was delightful and we explored the process of creating an art piece with the idea of understanding the parallel with the level of creativity that is required from top leaders.

VW Uitenhage Women Leaders with Joy Truscott from evolve

Jessica VW Retreat Workshop67 Joan VW Retreat Workshop Kim at VW Reteat Aug 2008 Sabine VW Retreat Workshop66 VW Retreat Workshop01 VW Retreat Workshop02 VW Retreat Workshop03 VW Retreat Workshop04 VW Retreat Workshop05 VW Retreat Workshop06 VW Retreat Workshop07 VW Retreat Workshop08 VW Retreat Workshop09 VW Retreat Workshop10 VW Retreat Workshop11 VW Retreat Workshop12 VW Retreat Workshop13 VW Retreat Workshop14 VW Retreat Workshop15 VW Retreat Workshop16 VW Retreat Workshop17 VW Retreat Workshop18 VW Retreat Workshop19 VW Retreat Workshop20 VW Retreat Workshop21 VW Retreat Workshop22 VW Retreat Workshop23 VW Retreat Workshop24 VW Retreat Workshop25 VW Retreat Workshop26 VW Retreat Workshop27 VW Retreat Workshop28 VW Retreat Workshop29 VW Retreat Workshop30 VW Retreat Workshop31 VW Retreat Workshop32 VW Retreat Workshop33 VW Retreat Workshop34 VW Retreat Workshop35 VW Retreat Workshop36 VW Retreat Workshop37 VW Retreat Workshop38 VW Retreat Workshop39 VW Retreat Workshop40 VW Retreat Workshop41 VW Retreat Workshop42 VW Retreat Workshop43 VW Retreat Workshop44 VW Retreat Workshop45 VW Retreat Workshop46 VW Retreat Workshop47 VW Retreat Workshop48 VW Retreat Workshop49 VW Retreat Workshop50 VW Retreat Workshop51 VW Retreat Workshop52 VW Retreat Workshop53 VW Retreat Workshop54 VW Retreat Workshop55 VW Retreat Workshop56 VW Retreat Workshop57 VW Retreat Workshop58 VW Retreat Workshop59 VW Retreat Workshop60 VW Retreat Workshop61 VW Retreat Workshop62 VW Retreat Workshop63 VW Retreat Workshop65 VW Retreat Workshop68 VW Retreat Workshop69 VW Retreat Workshop70 VW Retreat Workshop71 VW Retreat Workshop72 VW Retreat Workshop73 VW Retreat Workshop74 VW Retreat Workshop75 VW Retreat Workshop76 VW Retreat Workshop77 VW Retreat Workshop78 VW Retreat Workshop79 VW Retreat Workshop80 VW Retreat Workshop81